Christian Mingle Rape Controversy

Craig Investigates Christian MingleFor a “Crimetime in Primetime” segment of “Craig Investigates” appearing on the March 18, 2013 episode of “Geraldo at Large”, Craig Rivera discussed the rape controversy surrounding online dating website

Craig Rivera begins the segment by noting that 37-year old Sean Banks is accused of using the website to target a rape victim in San Diego. Other victims have since come forward to share their story with investigators. He speaks with Victoria Kenney, a former Miss Irvine in the Miss California beauty pageant, who says she ignored her instincts and trusted Banks because she trusted Christian Mingle.

She explains that she wanted to maintain their relationship through the website, but Banks was able to hack her phone and track her down. Eventually, she received a phone call from Banks in which he said he had been arrested for rape, denied his guilt, and then told her not to speak to investigators. Craig Rivera then spoke with Kenney’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, who said after Banks date raped his victim, she sent him a text after the incident and he told her to call his lawyer.

Banks faces charges of rape, rape by intoxication, burglary, and trying to dissuade a witness. As Gilleon explains, the judge felt that Banks’ attempts to intimidate Kenney proved he has no understanding how serious the investigation is.

Next, Craig Rivera speaks with Gretchen von Helms, the attorney representing Banks. She explains that some women who regret their actions accuse their sexual partners of raping them. She also notes that such allegations are easy to make and difficult to remove once they have been made.

Kinney recognizes that her evidence is helping the case against Banks and urges other victims to come forward. Craig Rivera ends the segment by noting that online dating is now the third most popular way to find a dating partner, but he recommends that individuals meet their dates in a public place first and get to know who they really are before putting themselves in a vulnerable position.

View the full segment here:

Christian Mingle Rape Controversy from Craig Rivera on Vimeo.

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