Exclusive Interview with Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor

Dr Arnold Klein

Dr. Arnold Klein spoke with Craig Rivera about the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

During a “Craig Investigates” segment that aired on the 9/27/2013 episode of “Geraldo at Large”, Craig Rivera conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s former doctor.

At the time, jurors were deliberating in a civil trial to determine whether an incompetent doctor or concert promoters were ultimately responsible for the pop star’s death. Dr. Klein is no stranger to the controversy, having himself been accused of providing Jackson with dangerous painkillers.  He denies these claims, noting that Jackson began taking these painkillers years earlier following a series of plastic surgeries. The coroner then went on to identify a sedative called Propofol as ultimately being to blame for the musician’s death.

Dr. Klein calls Dr. Jackson’s last physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, incompetent for continuing to prescribe Propofol to Jackson. He remembers speaking with Jackson one month before his death and it was clear to him that Jackson was not himself and seemed overmedicated.

The Jackson family does not dispute Michael’s addiction, but believes the doctor enabled it due to a conflict of interest. The debt-ridden doctor received $150,000 per month from tour company AEG to serve as the star’s doctor, leading Dr. Klein to speculate that Dr. Murray was a fall guy. He explains that tour company AEG had a clause in Jackson’s contract leaving the star on the hook for all financial losses if he was unable to go on tour.

AEG points out that Michael’s father, Joe, first introduced the doctor to his son. Dr. Klein remembers receiving a voicemail from Jackson before his death in which he was looking for a new anesthesiologist. He adds that Dr. Murray was not licensed in England so he could not have taken care of Jackson on the tour.

View the full interview below:

Who is responsible for Michael Jackson’s death? from Craig Rivera on Vimeo.

You can also view other “Craig Investigates” segments on his Vimeo, or by browsing the segments he has pinned on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/craigrivera/


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