About Craig Rivera

Craig Rivera

Craig Rivera (left) is the reporter on “Craig Investigates,” a segment aired during “Geraldo at Large.”

Craig Rivera is currently a Senior Producer and Correspondent for the Fox News Channel. Each week, the award-winning investigative reporter presents a new “Craig Investigates” segment on Fox News Channel’s Geraldo at Large.

Fox News Channel

Before he joined his brother’s show, Geraldo At Large, Craig Rivera covered United States military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has traveled to each country more than a dozen times and was even one of the first western journalists in Tora Bora, Afghanistan, when the United States military initially cornered Osama Bin Laden. He then went on to travel independently throughout the war-torn country to report on the many battles involving the United States Special Forces and the Northern Alliance. Before joining Fox News Channel, Craig Rivera spent 13 years as a reporter and on-air talent on the syndicated newsmagazine Inside Edition.

Inside Edition

Craig Rivera joined Inside Edition in 1986 and made use of the investigative reporting skills he developed earlier in his career. He covered a number of topics for the newsmagazine, including relief efforts in Somalia, the Gulf War conflicts, and the OJ Simpson trial. One of his most noteworthy investigative reports during this timeframe was a 2000 segment titled “Home Depot Dangers”. This segment investigated the unexpected dangers associated with big retail warehouse stores and went on to earn that year’s Deadline Club Award for “Best Series/Investigative Reporting”. Additionally, Craig Rivera produced a segment for the show called “Getting Out Alive”. For this weekly segment, he placed himself in life-threatening situations each week and provided viewers with advice for surviving such events. Before joining Inside Edition, he worked first for ABC News 20/20.

ABC News 20/20

Craig Rivera’s first paying job came with the launch of ABC News 20/20. During his eight years as an investigative reporter for this program, he worked alongside his brother Geraldo, Barbara Walters, John Stossel, Hugh Downs, and many others.

Learn more about Craig Rivera on his LinkedIn profile, or view his “Craig Investigates” segments on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/craigrivera


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